H Bureau: a specialist business growth studio focused on media, entertainment and expriences


Why we exist and who we are.


Our Story

A few years ago, Howard was Founder & CEO of a fast-growing creative business.

It was an exhilarating ride, but at certain key points in the journey he needed new skills, perspectives and connections to successfully turn his vision into reality.

The best way of doing this was to gain access to a pool of flexible, collaborative, top-tier talent with a proven track record and an understanding of what it took to build a modern creative company.

The problem? It didn’t exist.

H Bureau was created to fill this space, empowering entrepreneurs and organizations with the capabilities, knowledge and tools to thrive.


Why: We believe creativity and entrepreneurship can be enormously powerful forces, and we’re passionate about helping talented people realise their dreams, goals and ambitions. We also understand the highs and the lows, because we’ve been there.

What: A flexible, nimble and committed business partner focused on helping you grow and thrive through commercial, product and people excellence.

Who: A collective of seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals and practitioners from modern business, technology and creative industries.

How: Being hands-on, connected and collaborative. Taking a long-term view and a diverse set of skills.

Where: New York & London.

When: Now.




Howard Gray

Howard is the founder and conductor of H Bureau.

He has 10 years experience as an entrepreneur & talent agent in the entertainment industry; building two of his own companies before being acquired by Europe’s largest independent live music agency.

Howard’s eclectic background includes managing the touring careers of DJs and bands playing over 5000 shows in 60 countries; training senior execs from companies such as Visa, McKinsey, Hearst and Ikea; working in a Ministry of Defence tech lab, and promoting raves in the forests of south-east England.




Alongside our core team, our network offers access to a hand-picked collective of extraordinary strategists, creatives, technologists, researchers and producers.

The H Bureau collective have worked in music, entertainment, fashion, advertising, hospitality, emerging technology and beyond, bringing passion, knowledge and expertise to help companies realise their potential.

The power of our collective has helped many of the world’s most valuable brands to grow, innovate and evolve.

Our client experience includes: