H Bureau: a specialist consultancy practice working with companies in entertainment, technology and experiences




Our business is going well, why do we need you?

The clients we work with the most often tend to be the ones who need us the least. They know that having access to different perspectives, skills and viewpoints helps them to avoid danger and stay ahead.

With the world changing extremely quickly, everyone from top performers to established players and early entrants can benefit from having a broader range of capabilities than they do within just their existing four walls



Where are you based?

Our core team are based in London and New York, and we have members of our Collective stationed in key cities across the world.



Are you a management consultancy?

In our early days, a friend of ours said we were the ‘McKinsey for music & media’. Our team do bring skills and experience from working with the leaders in that sector, but we don’t consider ourselves a management consultancy. H Bureau is built in a slightly differently way - we focus on being a genuine business partner with the skills to get hands-on, hustle and execute.



Are you a digital agency?

No. Our team have worked within them as team members, with them as partners and suppliers, and we certainly know our way around the digital creative landscape, but we're not a digital agency.

In fact, our clients often ask us to help identify, evaluate and review their current and prospective agency partners. We also know a ton of great freelance talent.



Do you work with us full-time at our office?

We definitely prefer to spend as much time with you in your space as possible. It helps us to better understand you, your business, your culture and your goals.

The nature of our engagements vary by client and assignment so sometimes we’ll be based in your space, sometimes we’ll be remote - it’s up to you. Whether you want us for more sustained period is also your call - we’re built to be plugged in and out as our clients need us.



What could we do as a test?

Two ways we can get to know each other are a through a 1 hour exploratory session or a 1 day workshop.



How do you charge?

We tend to charge most of our bespoke work at a fixed project price as it’s often the most transparent and easily manageable way of working for our clients.

We’re also very open to alternative models - from revenue shares to joint venture and equity partnerships.



How do I convince my boss that working with you is a good idea?

We offer a 90 minute exploratory session that’s completely free of charge with zero obligation on either you or your boss's part.

We’ll package up everything we create with you during that session and even bring the biscuits too.