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We now live in a connected, experience economy

It’s everywhere people get together; in the places they work just as much as where they play.

Our world is changing rapidly: audience expectations are increasing, technology is making an enormous impact on just about everything around us, and previously divergent fields & ways of thinking are now converging.

Some of the biggest shifts we see include:

Physical spaces
Spaces with a sole purpose are becoming more flexible and varied in their uses; from concerts in newspaper factories to art galleries doubling as desk space

Emerging entertainment
New types of culture & entertainment are growing exponentially; computer games are spectator sports and the next wave of hit music videos are bitesize remixes created by fans

A new generation
The workforce of the future have a very different outlook to ones before them. Their work has to have meaning and purpose, and they expect the flexibility to travel and explore while they do it. As consumers they expect transparency, instant access and do not want to be sold to.

However, this new economy is going to create losers as well as winners.

Seemingly infallible businesses are being hollowed out, the skills gap is widening, and previously tried and trusted ways of working just don’t cut it anymore.

These giant shifts mean that to succeed in the future you’re going to need access to a broader range of knowledge and capabilities than ever before.

Are you ready?

The winners will be:


Able to reinvent themselves rapidly, seamlessly and authentically

Guided by both data & creativity, and take influence from divergent fields

Powered by teams that are on purpose, driven, ambitious and mindful


How will you continue to win in the future?

We believe there are some huge new opportunities emerging

Focused workspaces
Workspaces more deeply connected to specific sectors, communities and sub-cultures

The training renaissance
Innovative and immersive learning, development and retraining for employees

Cultural content everywhere
New ways of monetising arts, entertainment and cultural content

Experience co-creation
Designing highly tailored and collaborative experiences for audiences

Your paths to success


Audience & Data
Cultivate, mobilise and understand your audience to take advantage of emerging technology, trends and movements


Talent & Training
Improve operations management, hiring, effectiveness and productivity across a global team. Develop your teams’ skills in new ways through immersive, engaging training


Digital & Technology
Have a finger on the pulse of digital innovation, be more sophisticated in the way you monitor the startup-ecosystem, and design and build valuable new products and services

Open Collaboration
Utilise high-quality professional partners from a range of fields and perspectives to increase your knowledge and capabilities without excess baggage or headaches


Our clients partner with us to identify, access and create some of the enormous opportunities that are emerging in the new connected, experience economy.

We can do this with you too.