H Bureau: a specialist consultancy practice working with companies in entertainment, technology and experiences

Growth fuel for the creative and the curious.

H Bureau helps companies succeed by developing innovative products, designing new programs & initiatives, and forging valuable strategic partnerships.

We work across sectors, with a particular focus on entertainment, technology and experiences.

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Product Management

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Business Development

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Some of the questions we're answering

How could business development become more experiential, educational, and effective?

How can companies better on-board their new hires?

Which pains are creative founders feeling most acutely right now?

How could distressed real estate assets be reimagined?

Why aren’t more B2B brands standing for something?

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Latest Projects


Tickets podcast

Behind the scenes of some of the world's most innovative and vital live experiences


Work: V&A Museum

Creating a workshop series with one of the world's greatest museums


Program: The Goods

Professional development program for emerging leaders

Why us?

Think of us as your plug-in business partner; helping with product management, program development, or partnerships as you need it.

We provide you with additional perspectives, ideas, capabilities and resources so your business can grow in the way you want it to. Simple as that.

You can hire us to launch a new initiative, co-create a training program for your team, explore an emerging market, or perhaps just do something completely unexpected. 

We choose to work only in our areas of specialism, and with people who share our values.

We're certainly not for everyone, but perhaps we're for you.


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