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A two day intensive course designed to challenge organizations to think differently and inspire new solutions that will drive the future growth of your brand and business.


What would you do differently if you were launching your brand or business today?

How would you structure it, staff it, develop it, grow it and future proof it?

What systems and processes that you're locked into today would you keep, and what would you dispose of?

How would you deliver a superior customer experience?

Two Days

Two Key Outputs

Day 1: Optimize

We will explore a new breed of billion dollar companies that are breaking all the rules and identify what has made them successful.

Through a series of exercises we figure out how your organization can access and deploy the new models, technologies, systems and services that these fast-moving new companies are using at an increasingly effective pace. With an ultimate goal of identifying new ways of working to maintain and grow market share before an emerging competitor set have a chance to erode it. 

We will take all of this learning and the application based exercises to understand how it all relates to your business and develop tangible ideas of how to apply them for rapid optimization.


Through a series of talks and workshop sessions we will develop an optimization plan for your brand and business that will inspire ways to make it run more efficiently and effectively.

Day 2: Re/Build

The apocalypse has happened. All that's left is your brand and product or service, along with your existing budgets.

How do we rebuild a better brand and business designed for today and tomorrow?

How would sourcing, supply, production, distribution, sales, marketing and leadership operate and function?

How do we rebuild a customer base and what would we do to retain them?

How do we design and build a responsive organization, designed to quickly and continuously adapt to new technological, industrial, economic, political and cultural advancements?


An intensive day of making quick decisions whilst designing an organization of the future will be collated into an inspiring RE/BUILD plan.

This course is designed for established organizations to challenge the way they think, to inspire new ideas, new solutions and new ways to approach the future of brands and business.

Drawing upon insights from real success stories, experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders, the course takes innovation and disruption techniques to exciting new places.