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A podcast series featuring the visionaries, producers and operators behind some of the world’s most exciting and innovative live experiences.

Joining the dots between disciplines, the Tickets guest list includes theatre designers and VR technologists, festival founders and boxing promoters.

Tickets lifts the curtain and goes behind the scenes of what it really takes to bring some of the world's most amazing experiences to life.

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Season 1 Episodes:

16: Scaling human connection through music with James Beshara (Head of Music, Airbnb)

14: Building a global electronic music brand with Victor de la Serna  (Global Talent Director, Elrow)

14: What’s next in ticketing for travel and tourism with Leith Stevens (Business Development, Redeam)

13: The evolution of spaces to places with Bart Higgins (Partner at WhatIf Innovation)

12: Fusing music and technology with Ventura Barba (CEO, Sonar Festival)

11: Storytelling in VR with Mia Tramz (Editorial Director of Enterprise & Immersive Experiences, Time Magazine)

10: Blending digital technology and physical space design with Will Prince and Charlie Marshall (principals, Parc Office)

09: Operating arts and music spaces with Dhruv Chopra (co-founder, Elsewhere Brooklyn)

08: Talent programming from nightclubs to auditoriums with Dave Gamble (Royal Albert Hall)

07: Next generation guestlists and Nordic innovation with Johan Ekelund (CEO, Keyflow)

06: Curation and community with Michelle Grey-Campion (creative director of Times Talks, New York Times)

05: The future of the built environment with Ross Guttler (VP of Business Development, Delos)

04: Taking the magic of Broadway around the world with Vincent Marini (creative director and executive producer, BASE Entertainment)

03: Live sports broadcasting in VR with Andre Lorenceau (co-founder & CEO, LiveLike VR)

02: Bespoke experiential with Debs Armstrong (founder of Strong & Co, co-founder of Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival)

01: International boxing and brand partnerships with Adam Morallee (founder of law firm Brandsmiths, partner at Hayemaker Ringstar)